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There's always a catch

You should read CHAPTER 1 first.


Brennan kept thinking that although he engineered the "encounter", life played the biggest role making it happen and that was super ! He then started a conversation with Jessica... They talked about different subjects, philosofy, love, relatioships, food, travelling and everything came very natural. After four hours Jessica realized she had set up a meeting with a girl friend and told Brennan she had to go. It was clear that they had a connection, she felt it, he felt it and with butterflies in the stomack he found the courage to invite her to dinner. She immediately smiled at him, but waited a couple a seconds before saying "yes". They were to meet the day after at eight.

The following night started early. Jessica began dressing up at six and Brennan at five. Both couldn't think of anything else but each other. Brennan drove his SUV to Jessica's place. He had a Luther Vandross old CD playing, one of his favorites. As soon as he saw her, he got mesmerized. Jessica was simply beautiful in a long pinkish skirt, a simple white blouse with a trendy jacket on top. They went to a small italian restaurant, a safe choice made by Brennan. He reserved a small corner wood table with a view that was waiting for them with candle lights and a bottle of a fine Bordeaux. Très chic !
It was a dream-come-true night, the stars were shining, the moon was full, the sky was clear, the sea was singing a sweet melody. Jessica smiled all the time.
Minute by minute they both dove into an intense empathic loving altmosphere. Their hands attracted each other like magnets, so strong that the muscles could not help it. Finally they touched. It was like an explosion, like flames burning close. Staring was the only language for a while, but suddenly they both felt there was only one right move... and they kissed !
Divine chemistry. This is what best describes the moment. The lips matched as if they were halves of a whole. All senses became numb and only love remained flowing in their perfect channel. At that time, they were made for each other.

From that day on they lived a fairy tale. Things changed very fast. Jessica decided to move to Brennan's city, since she ran her business from home. Brennan rent a bigger house and in one month they were living together. They didn't even had a chance to meet their in-laws...
In the following month they got a big surprise. Jessica's period, which worked as a swiss watch, was late and she ran to a drugstore for a pregnancy test kit. Brennan told her to buy two different ones and she did. He was at his lunch break when he received her call...

(to be continued...)

Friendly regards,

Fabio Machado.

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Raquel Medeiros disse...
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Raquel Medeiros disse...

Salve, salve!
Gostei muito, Fabio!!
Achei divertido a expectativa expressa no detalhe da hora em que cada um começou a se preparar.
Um ótimo recurso foi o corte, a edição certeira de parar no ápice da coisa...Manoel Carlos que se cuide contigo!!!

Aninha disse...

I hate things "to be continued" later on!!!

Muito bom!!!
Amei a expressão "divine chemistry".
Depois de "4i", foi a expressão mais criativa que vi de você...rsss

Também observei os horários em que cada um começou a se arrumar para o encontro...gotei da roupa dela!!!